Capital And Operating Costs For Industrial Boilers Epa

Cost Equations for Industrial Boilers: Final - EPA

COST EQUATIONS FOR PACKAGED FIRE-TUBE BOILERS (5 x 106 to 29 x 106 Btu/h) Capital costs:3' Equipment Installation Indirect costs Residual 17360 Qc 4324 Q + 2317 Q + Fuel type oil Distillate oil or natural > SS7 56177 29749 15981 QO'561 4261 Q + 56041 2256 Q + 28649 gas Annual costs (all fuel types):3' Utilities and chemicals Direct labor Supervision Maintenance Replacement parts Overhead CF

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Capital and Operating Costs for Industrial Boilers - EPA

These charges along with the annual operating costs represent the total annualized cost of a boiler. EPA classifies annual capital-related charges for cost purposes under the following components: general and administra- tive costs taxes insurance; a capital-recovery factor which represents a levelized principal and interest payment; and interest on working capital.

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