boiler capacity of 15 ton in Nam Dinh

Water Management for Rice Production in Vietnam | Vien ...

Big canal systems were built to cover large area of rice in Red river delta such as canal and pump systems in Bac Hung Hai Nam Dinh Ha Nam and central coastal areas. A total of over 1200 IWM systems were built in this period among them 80 are considered big. The irrigation capacity increased 2.4 folds and drainage capacity increased 3 folds.

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Nam Dinh power station - Global Energy Monitor

Background. In Dec. 2013 Nam nh provincial authorities said they would support the construction of a 2400-MW coal plant by the Korean Taekwang Vina Company a subsidiary of the Taekwang Group.The plant would cost $4.5 billion and is slated to begin construction in 2014; two units with 1200 MW capacity would come online in 2017 and the other two would come online in 2021.

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