Sodium Phosphate In Treated Boiler Water

Control of Sodium to Phosphate Ratio in Real Time in a ...

The coordinated phosphate approach is to maintain a chemistry in the bulk boiler water. The chemistry is to maintain a septic sodium to phosphate molar ratio so as to prevent extremes of pH from developing under deposits where bulk water dissolved solids can concentrate by factors in excess of 10000 to one. The control is based on fhg a blend of caustic and phosphoric acid most usually by f-g the partially

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Sodium Tripolyphosphate Uses In Water Treatment - Chemate

Sodium tripolyphosphate water treatment can also be used as soft water agent for industrial water and boiler water. Drilling mud dispersant and oil-proffing agent in paper industry also need it for that STPP has strong smulsifying effect on lubricating oil and fat. Of course sodium tripolyphosphate uses in detergents is one of its main uses.

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Phosphate corrosion in high-pressure boilers (Journal ...

This paper discusses sodium phosphate compounds notably trisodium and disodium phosphate which have been used for years at many fossil-fired power plants for boiler water treatment. The principal purpose is to buffer the boiler water at a suitable pH while adding a compound PO{sub 4} which reacts with contaminants to form a non-adherent sludge.

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