why boiler Agents not horizontal

Boiler-Venting Considerations - Heating Help

Aug 13 2015 · Horizontal vs. Vertical Another rule to remember is that the horizontal vents must be no more than 75% of the vertical height of the flue. If using B Vent the horizontal length can be the same length as the height of the chimney as per International Fuel Gas Code 2006 503.10.9 ... It is not uncommon for Category I boilers to have flue gas ...

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Boiler Flues: How do Horizontal & Vertical Flues Work ...

May 22 2020 · What's the Difference Between Horizontal & Vertical Boiler Flues? The only difference between horizontal and vertical flues is the way they are positioned on your property they both operate in the same way. A horizontal flue will stick out from a wall (pictured above) while vertical flues are found on the roof.

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